A.L. Abbott & Associates // Process & Chemical Consultants


Specialised Services

A.L. Abbott and Associates approaches every project completely objectively. We ensure that our clients receive advice solely aimed at providing cost-effective and technically satisfactory solutions to every problem - whether it be to reduce operating or capital costs or attain higher standards.

Process Monitoring

The A.L. Abbott group is presently responsible for the monitoring, operation and control of more than 200 water and wastewater treatment plants throughout the RSA, with a client base including Central, Regional and Local Government, Mining Houses, and industry.

From July 1998 to June 2001, A.L. Abbott & Associates provided monitoring and advisory services to all the water and sewage treatment plants operated by the Department of Water Affairs & Forestry throughout the Northern Province. These include 99 watercare plants, 21 boreholes and 54 other sampling points.

From March 2002 to February 2004, A.L. Abbott & Associates completed a similar contract in Mpumalanga, which covers 40 watercare plants and 43 boreholes.

All the watercare plants in the Eastern Cape (excluding Metropolitan Areas) were surveyed by A.L. Abbott & Associates on behalf of the Municipal Mentoring Project.

Plant Design

Twelve sewage treatment plants of various capacities have been constructed according to A.L. Abbott designs.

Miscellaneous Services

In addition to the above, responsible for the design, construction and commissioning of the first full-scale plant for composting of domestic sewage sludges in RSA at Stellenbosch. A second such plant was designed and constructed at Ceres, this to accommodate sewage sludge, domestic refuse and fruit industry solid waste.

Pilot scale research, design, commissioning and operation of a full-scale anaerobic digestion system for the treatment of the whole load of distillery effluent produced in Stellenbosch. This plant operated successfully for a number of years.

A wide range of treatment plants have been designed for industry to deal with specific water and/or effluent problems.