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2012 Blue Drop Assessment

Overstand Munisipality, Theewaterskloof Municipility and Witzenberg Municipality, each independantly appointed A.L.Abbott & Associates for a 3 year period for the monitoring of their water and waste water treatment plants.

A.L.Abbott & Associates' clients performed exceptionally well in the 2012 Bluedrop Assesment. View results

No Political will on Acid water

- Mariette Liefferink

Quoting the United States environmental protection agency, mining waste was the second greatest threat to the environment, next to global warming.

The South African government was first presented with a report on the effects of mining on water in 1957. In 1996, mining companies proposed a treatment of acid mine water to the government. The report was presented to Parliament in 1998, but nothing was done.

"Science cannot exist only for the entertainment of scientists. When there are scientific reports and academic reports funded by taxpayers' money, it must be used for the benefit of society."
Directives were also handed to mines operating in the West Rand basin of Gauteng in 2006 for them to produce self-sustainable treatment for acid mine water.

The mines presented a report, which the government rejected as an "unsolicited bid".

"It is rather contradictory to invite mines to produce a self-sustaining solution and thereafter reject it as an unsolicited bid."