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About us

South Africa is a country in which drought conditions are endemic. Consequently, it is essential that available water resources be fully exploited and protected from pollution.

Historic Background

Due to the fact that the smaller local authorities and industries are not in a position to maintain their own suitably qualified and experienced staff, A.L. Abbott and Associates was formed in 1964 by the former Cape Town Chief Chemist to provide the much needed expertise in these fields.

Management Policy

Management undertakes to implement a management system which ensures that clients at all times receive accurate, timeous advice and results.

Management will ensure that good professional practice is followed, competent qualified staff implement the company's management policy in full, using verified methods and equipment for which their competency has been certified.

Management strives at all times to aspire to the highest quality of service and is committed to upholding the environmental requirements and responsibilities of clients and the company.

Management is committed to compliance with International Standards, is guided by the procedures and requirements of the SABS ISO 17025 code of practice and to the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the management system.

Management Team

Natasia van Binsbergen

Managing Director

Natasia joined A.L. Abbott & Associates in July 1988 and has been a valuable member , growing with the company and being largely responsible for the continued growth of the company.

She is responsible for regular monitoring and control of water and wastewater treatment plants for local authorities throughout the country. She is also qualified in water and wastewater treatment plant design.

She obtained her National Diploma in Analytical Chemistry and completed her B.Tech(Chem) at the Cape Technikon. The South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions admitted her as a member. Natasia was elected and admitted to the Water Institute of Southern Africa as a Fellow in 2006.

She was recently elected onto the committee of WISA Cape Town branch and is presently helping with organizing the bi-annual Conference in Cape Town 2012.

In 2007, Natasia was awarded the Post Graduate Diploma in Engineering in Civil Engineering from the University of Cape Town, and in 2010 she was appointed as Managing Director of A.L. Abbott & Associates.

Rewo Huertley van der Meulen


Rewo and his late partner, Trevor Davies, formed A.L. Abbott & Associates in 1982. He is our senior consultant who obtained a BSc degree from the University of Cape Town with Chemistry as his major.

Following on the BSc, he did a post graduate course at the University of Cape Town in water and wastewater management, process design, with Dept Civil Engineering. As a Fellow of the South African Institute of Chemical Engineers, his knowledge knows no bounds. The Department of Health and Welfare, in terms of the Foodstuffs, Cosmetics and Disinfectants Act of 1972, appointed Rewo as a Public Analyst.

Rewo was admitted to The South African Chemical Institute as a member and elected as a Fellow of the Institute of Water and Environmental Management. He is Fellow of the Water Institute of South Africa and has been since 1994.

He has been registered as a Natural Scientist, since 1982.

Yolande Avril Davies

Financial Director

Yolande has been involved with the company since 1982 and is responsible for all the financial aspects of the business. This includes debtors invoicing, statements and reconciliation of accounts. The paying of creditors, cash book and Bank reconciliations. Salaries, UIF, PAYE, Skills Levy and VAT. Taking all the general ledger accounts to trial balance.

Yolande is also the Human Resources personnel dealing with staff issues.

Jose da Silva

Laboratory Manager

Jose started workig for A.L. Abbott & Associates in December 1985, as a laboratory technician. He completed his National Diploma in Analytical Chemistry, qualifying in 1990. A certificate from the South African Safety Academy in 1998 promoted him to Safety Officer.

His laboratory duties have him responsible for the routine wet chemical analysis of water and sewage effluents according to SABS methods. Analysis of agricultural samples (soil, irrigation water). Analysis of metals, compressor oil for moisture, acid and wear metals, and numerous ad hoc samples that come into the laboratory.

In 2005, A.L. Abbott & Associates became an accredited laboratory.Jose was promoted to Laboratory Manager in 2006. In 2010, Jose developed an integrated computerized system for compiling analytical results and reporting. Jose is a dedicated Laboratory Manager and has attended numerous courses to improve the standard of efficiency in the laboratory.

Lucinda Schuller

Laboratory Supervisor

Lucinda joined A.L. Abbott & Associates in February 2006 to complete her in-house training for the National Diploma in Analytical Chemistry. Lucinda qualified in 2007 and took up a permanent position with A.L. Abbott & Associates as a Laboratory Technician.

She completed her First Aid course in 2009 to add to her qualifications. As A.L. Abbott & Associates is an accredited laboratory, Lucinda is responsible for adhering to all the systems involved in running such a laboratory.

In 2010, Lucinda was promoted to Laboratory Supervisor and in this capacity she is dealing with all aspects of running the laboratory. Lucinda oversees the organizing of laboratory staff. Her duties include assigning them to various analytical duties and assists in the routine chemical analysis of water and sewage effluent. Logging and following the results from reception to final reporting are a part of her responsibilities.